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“Vinnaja Karta” (“Wine Card”) newspaper is pleased to announce the International Wines & Spirits Contest “Vinnaja Karta Open-2016”, the independent contest in the Russian market based on the impartiality of an international jury and blind tasting. The professional experience and qualifications of the judges give our clients confidence that the contest and its results are worthy of respect.


We would like to invite you to take part in the above Contest.


Information on the Contest “Vinnaja Karta Open-2016”:


The Contest will be conducted as follows:


Entry forms due - till May 12, 2016

Samples due - till May 15, 2016

Judging-Stage - May 24-25, 2016


All the samples will be divided in groups according to grape variety, wines and spirits style and price categories (for wines) and age (for spirits).


Price of admission per entry of one sample (wine or spirit) is EU 95.


The Contest “Vinnaja Karta Open” is held by “Vinnaja Karta” (“Wine List”) newspaper. For the first time it was held in April, 2004 in Moscow.


All the results will be published by “Vinnya Karta” newspaper and its website (in Russian)


If you have some questions don’t hesitate and send email to Tatiana Zlodoreva, Publisher (e-mail: or to Larisa Korobkova, Editor-in-Chief (email:


Best regards,

Tatiana Zlodoreva,  Publisher/CEO, & Larisa Korobkova, Editor-in-Chief. 



List of categories


  1. Blended white wines of Bordeaux style (Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon)

  2. Other blended white wines

  3. Semi-sweet white wines (Moelleux)

  4. Late harvest wines, botrytis wines (wine in this category may be submitted in any size bottle priced up to €60 per bottle).

  5. Muscat (A- dry, B- sweet, C- sparkling)

  6. Other white wines Merlot Cabernet

  7. Sauvignon

  8. Shiraz

  9. Sauvignon Blanc

  10. Chardonnay

  11. Riesling

  12. Viognier

  13. Shiraz

  14. Tempranillo

  15. Sangiovese

  16. Pinot noir

  17. Saperavi

  18. Nebbiolo Malbec Carmenere Blended red wines of Bordeaux style (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc)

  19. Blended red wines of Rhone style (Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre)

  20. Other blended red wines

  21. Semi-sweet red wines

  22. Other red wines

  23. Champagne or sparkling wines

  24. Rose wines

  25. Bio/Organic wines (These wines must have a certificate)

  26. Fortified wines

  27. Grape brandy

  28. Other brandy

  29. Cognac

  30. Whisky

  31. Other spirits

  32. Liquors (Bitter)

  33. Liquors (Sweet)

  34. Vodka (Non-flavored)

  35. Vodka (Flavored)


Wine samples: Wine samples are accepted in 0.75 l bottles, 2 bottles per sample, for wines priced up to 60 Euro per bottle.


Wine is considered “varietal” if the main grape’s variety used is not less than 75% of the total content. `


Varietal wines may be submitted in any size bottle priced up to 60 Euro.


Spirits samples: There is no per bottle price limit for spirits samples. 1 bottle per sample of spirits must be submitted.


Price categories for wines & spirits:


  • Under 5 Euro

  • 5-10 Euro

  • 10-20 Euro

  • 20-40 Euro

  • 40-50 Euro

  • 50-60 Euro (upper limit)


Wine entries will be accepted in bottles of 0.75 l. Two bottles of each entry are required.


Late harvest and botrytis wines may be submitted in any sized bottle.


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